EnerGreens Testimonials

I started taking this wonderful product in 2000, and I’ve used it off and on for the last 17 years. There have been several times when I haven’t taken it, and there has been a noticeable drop off in my overall health. My energy decreases, my weight increases, and my allergies always flare up. I now use the autoship option so I’ll always have my EnerGreens.

The biggest benefit I have received from EnerGreens is the way that the product has helped me overcome my pollen allergy. I did not have a small little reaction to pollen when the springtime rolled around every year. I had MAJOR problems, that sometimes would force me to miss work or social events and put me in bed for days. I used to dread the coming of springtime, because I knew my pollen allergies would flare up. Sneezing, coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy throat and eyes, you name the symptom for pollen allergy and I had BADLY!! I tried everything that my doctor prescribed. Shots, patches, pills, I tried it all. Nothing helped, I had given up on finding a treatment, and was just resigned to the fact that this problem was something I was just going to have to live with.


When I started taking EnerGreens in May of 2000, I did so with the intent to gain energy and lose weight. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would help my pollen allergy. I was simply AMAZED that not only did my allergies start drying up, ALL of my symptoms were vanquished within a month of my taking the product. It was totally life changing for me, and I haven’t looked back. I haven’t had been bothered by ANY pollen allergy symptoms when I’m using my EnerGreens regularly for the last 17 years. I get emotional when talking or thinking about it, because it was a TOTALLY life changing decision to start taking the EnerGreens product!!!!


I’m so excited that EnerGreens has come out the new improved mint flavor, and added a probiotic, that tastes great and is so easy to drink multiple times a day.


Thank you EnerGreens!


Tracy W

Memphis, TN


Thank you, thank you, thank you Cindy and Linden for introducing me to the EnerSource products. Mere words just don’t seem enough for the impact those products have made on my life. Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was terrified and depressed as I had absolutely no energy to do anything. I was extremely tired all the time. After just 30 days of taking EnerGreens and the Super Nutrient Vitamins I noticed I had a lot more energy and my blood sugar started to drop. After 6 weeks my blood sugar count was so low I had to reduce my insulin as it was down over 100 points, which is incredible. My energy is back and I feel GOOD!!!  I feel so blessed and am truly happy to recommend this AMAZING product to everyone I know.

Your friend and true believer from Oklahoma!

Judy G. Broken Arrow OK


Hello, my name is Jean Read. I am 55 years old and I have been a Physical Therapist for 27 years. Ever since I was 14 years old, I had a passion for health and knew I wanted to do something in the healing profession. I believe that the body has an amazing capacity to heal, repair and restore when given the best water, sunshine, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

I had always eaten better and was more active than any of my five other siblings. So you can imagine my surprise, when at the age of 44, I was diagnosed with cancer. At that time, I knew that my diet had to ramp up quite a bit more. You have to remember that at that time in history, you couldn’t look up just anything on the internet and the information today was not available then. So I hired a food coach that had lived at one of the wheatgrass farms in Puerto Rico. Thomas coached me on what foods to eat, what was a whole foods diet, what was body alkalinity and why was it important. I read many books on dieting with grasses, body alkalinity and how it effects cancer and disease, and read many recipe books on eating fresh, living foods. So I went on a whole foods, living foods diet for over six months. I juiced daily. I always carried fresh food with me and I checked my urine pH daily. I grew my own wheatgrass and juiced it every morning for about three months before I just couldn’t drink it anymore without it bouncing. If you have ever tasted fresh squeezed wheatgrass, then you know what I’m talking about. I ate only small amounts of animal protein every day at lunch. I sprouted and dehydrated nuts and seeds. I received acupuncture monthly and incorporated meditation and body detox baths and scrubs daily to weekly. I was obsessed with doing everything I could to support my immune system and physical health. I believed that if my body could create cancer, it could also un-create it. If that didn’t happen, then the rest of my cancer-free body would be in great health and ready to tackle surgical recovery from an optimal state of being, physically and mentally. After six months of this program, I had dropped to my optimal weight, I had more energy than ever before and I felt the best I have ever felt. My acupuncturist told me he had never seen an aura so sparkling and clean and he couldn’t believe that cancer could exist in my body at its’ current state. Further discussion with my doctor and an inner voice finally agreed to undergo surgery. My one centimeter tumor was removed and I recovered better than my doctor expected.

Since then, I have continued with a relatively clean diet, but would allow myself to have a hamburger (with a bun) maybe once/month, sneak a few French fries here and there and buy a bag of chips from time to time. All the while I would occasionally check my urine pH, only to find it hovering around 5.5, which meant that my body was acidic. I had learned that certain foods made my body alkaline (like watermelon, hot and sour soup, lots of greens, etc) but it was difficult to get them into my body on a regular basis. I tried lots of different greens powders from the health food stores. Most tasted rather funky and I would have to hide them in my chocolate smoothie for breakfast or do the quick chug and slam it down. I spent lots of money on whole food supplements over the past 20 years, but still hadn’t found a greens product that I could take daily, several times each day and even take before going to bed and still get a great night of sleep. My body was more acidic more often than it was alkaline. The body weight was piling on after the stressful path of watching my mother wither away and die from Parkinson’s complications. I craved comfort food and I quit exercising. Life was on pause for months and I couldn’t seem to get out of this funk. My husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I knew we needed to tighten up our diet program again. We eliminated all wheat and gluten products and quit eating all dairy. Yet my body was still acidic.

I was becoming more and more disappointed in myself and how my body was looking and feeling. I was about to have my 55th birthday and felt a bit embarrassed about my health. While I looked healthy to most around me, I didn’t feel it any more. I was wishing I could find something to help turn my health around before disease set in. Then my friend Paula invited me to lunch. We had been friends in the 90’s before I had moved away for ten years. Since returning to south Texas, we had been friends on Facebook but the timing was never right to connect until May of this year. Paula and I met for lunch and talked and just had that natural connection of picking up our friendship right where we left off. At the end of lunch, she said, OK show me your product and I will show you mine. So I shared my product with her and then she pulled out this green powder and vitamins. Inside, I thought, oh no, not another nutritional supplement. Until she said, “these products help alkalize your body.” Ding, ding, ding, ding! She had my full attention. I had been praying for something like this and here it was…maybe. Paula shared about six days of product with me and I took it home for me and my husband. I tested my urine pH before taking the greens and it was at 5.0-5.5 pH. After taking a shot of greens (I mixed it in just 6 oz of water and it tasted pretty good), I checked my urine pH and it was now right at 7.0 . I was impressed, but wanted to see how long it would stay there. I could hardly wait to take more greens. I shared with my husband and he enjoyed the taste and was also curious and excited about this new product that tasted good. Later that night, I spoke with Paula and her upline Jen Sorce. They shared the compensation plan with me and I could see the possibilities with this company. Jen asked if I was ready to sign up and I said not yet. I was still testing the product. So the next day, I got my urine pH to 7.0, ate a cheat meal and then took another shot of greens. My urine pH was reading right around 6.5 and with another shot of greens, I got it up to 7.0 again. I was excited!!! My husband was having the same results. I called Paula and told her I was ready to sign up and place an order because we didn’t want to be without this product.

After 4 days of greens, my husband and I were feeling more energy, having less cravings, sleeping better and experiencing better mental clarity and focus. My intestines were moving without any of my normal supplements to move them along. We were both amazed and couldn’t wait till our order arrived. So again, I called Paula. “When will my order arrive?” She wasn’t sure, so I asked, “Can we get any more greens from you until my order arrives? I will be happy to pay you.” So Paula arrived the next day with greens in hand. Enough greens for about four more days, or until our order arrived. We decided to play a trick on my husband and tell him she had only brought enough for one of us. So I walked in the kitchen and said, “Honey, look what Paula brought (as I held up the container of greens)! But unfortunately, she only had enough for one of us until our order arrives.” My husband laughed as he walked toward me and grabbed the container of greens out of my hand and said, “I’m sorry you will have to wait until your order arrives, because these are mine.” In our 26 years of marriage, my husband has never grabbed any product out of my hands and declared them for himself. I was not only impressed, but I knew we had finally found our golden product!

It has been just over three months now since we started taking the EnerGreens 3x/day, take the whole food vitamin and mineral supplement 6/day and get five shakes in each week. I add the oxygen drops to a pitcher of water every morning and we make sure we drink that during the day. I can’t express my gratitude to Linden and this company for creating such a wonderful greens product. I have been educated in nutrition and herbs over the years, and I know the intellectual value of all of the products in this greens blend, but the physiological effect is better than I ever anticipated. My labs are better than ever. I finally feel the sluggishness lifting (that set in after the death of my mother last year). My body is finally moving and exercising again and I feel my life being restored. If you are considering adding these products to your diet, I highly encourage you to not walk, but run to your computer to place your order. Take these products daily and drink your water! Your life is about to turn around in the positive direction!

Jean Read, Mission TX


My family and I have been climbing/hiking mountains in the Adirondack’s for the last 10 years.  There’s a club – called the 46er’s – made up of people who have climbed all 46 of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks (upstate NY).  We climbed our first one, as a family, in 2005 – when my kids were quite young – 18 months, 4 and 6 years old.  Everyone kind of caught the bug for hiking/climbing, so we decided, as a family, to become 46er’s before my oldest goes off to college. So our adventures began.Some of those mountains are extremely difficult.  Not all of them have maintained trails, and sometimes there are shear cliffs to maneuver around or over. We’ve met bears on the trail.  We’ve hiked through snow, blazing sun,swarms of horse flies and thunderstorms. Needless to say, these hikes can take a toll on our bodies – and, every year, I am getting/feeling older!  So, I typically spend the winter and early spring months trying to prepare myself for the upcoming hiking season.  I’ve tried P90X, Insanity, running/biking, 5 K’s – you name it, I would try it. This summer we had our first hike the weekend of the 4th of July.  4 mountains, 2 days.  I prepared for 2-3 months by walking/hiking any place I could – from 2-10miles at least 4-6 times a week.  I thought I prepped myself pretty well. Well, it just wasn’t enough (again!) – and for the entire week after the hike, I could barely walk.  My quads and hamstrings just hurt – bad.  My staff teased me at work – and I laughed along with them.  It’s no fun getting older while still trying to do things that 20 year old’s do!  The day after I got back to work after that hike, Paul Thomas and Joe Ludwig introduced me to enersource and energreens.  I figured I’d give it a try.  So, periodically during the month of July, I used the energreens and the super nutrient.  I liked it – and did feel like it gave me more energy. So, in August I started using the products consistently.  Over labor day weekend, my family went back to the mountains.  I had been so busy in August that I didn’t even get to walk much – certainly didn’t have time to exercise.  So, needless to say, I was dreading this trip! I just felt like there was no way I was prepared to climb another 4 mountains!  But, it’s our family goal – and I wasn’t going to quit now! And my oldest graduates from high school next spring…So, we had to get the mountains in. This is where it gets crazy.  We climbed 1 mountain on Friday.  For the first time since we started this hiking adventure – I literally kept up with my girls – a 7 hour hike! I couldn’t explain it.  It made no sense.  More impressively, I didn’t hurt – at all – on Saturday.  While I was very pleasantly surprised by this, it didn’t do much to ease my concerns for Sunday’s trip: 3 mountains, unmaintained trails – not one ‘great’ blog about this set of mountains on the internet – and LONG.  Sunday’s climb covered 3 mountains – over 21 miles and 500 flights of stairs per my fitbit – and took 12 hours. Monday morning? Nothing!  I got up, cleaned up the camp site, drove home (10 hour drive)- NOTHING.  I barely felt like I had had a work out – let alone a tough workout!.  Normally, I would have a week of ‘Ibuprofen 600mg, 4 times a day’ – or ‘vitamin I’ as we sometimes call it – in my future after these hikes.  Not this time!  I’ve taken ibuprofen once since then – for a headache NOT for post hike pain!  And that was our longest hike so far – getting us to 43 of the 46 peaks!

Dr.Sonja Martin M.D., Cleveland OH


I have to write a second testimonial for EnerGreens because it just blew me away again! I recently had an osteotomy on my heel bone (removed a piece of bone). This is a pretty serious surgery with a heavy recovery period. During my recovery I was DOWNING EnerGreens every day. At every single one of my progress checkups my doctor kept saying how blown away he was by the speed of my recovery. I told him about EnerGreens and he agreed that a nutrient rich supplement like that would certainly aid in how fast both my bone AND tissue had healed! Now he wants to try it!

Drew K., Tulsa OK


As a Registered Nurse and Natural Health Counselor for over 20 years, I was excited to learn about the EnerGreens product. Nutrition has been a big part of my life since childhood. I grew up in a home where my mom was a dietitian and stressed healthy eating. I remember when my mom would ration out my Halloween candy and throw most of it away.

The EnerGreens product contains over 50 organic cold processed plants. This allows optimal and diverse nutrition from the plants without any chemicals or loss of any nutritional value. Although many of the green products available today taste like you are eating grass, EnerGreens tastes great without using any sugar or artificial sweeteners. As a result, any person with diabetes or low blood sugar can consume it without problem. I also appreciate that it comes in a powder form, so it is easy to take on trips. On my last trip, I added it to a bottle of water. Most Americans do not eat the needed amount of vegetables, especially greens in their diet, thus EnerGreens is a much needed product for every person. I recommend EnerGreens to all of our clients! Our clients at the clinic love the product and I am getting great testimonials from them. The best green product that I am aware of is EnerGreens!

Carol V. APRN, MS Tulsa, OK


Throughout my entire life I have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know and understand the importance of a well balanced diet combined with exercise. I think many people can relate to the excuse of life just getting in the way. Unfortunately for me, nutrition is usually the first thing that suffers when time runs short. The reality is the older I get the busier it seems I have become and diet is now secondary to some of my daily priorities. Like so many other’s I don’t slow down to take care of something that has been such an integral part of my life for so long.  Plus, in the fast paced world that we live in and with so many quick unhealthy options for us to eat it’s easy to fall into a rut.

I started taking Energreens a few weeks ago and the difference has been amazing! When I wake up in the morning I have more energy and one of the biggest differences is I don’t get fatigued at night. Usually by the time I arrived home and saw my daughter I would really be dragging. Now, I have just as much energy at the end of the day as I have in the beginning.  I have tried many products in the past and what I didn’t care for is the quick burst of energy followed by the crash. Since the Energreens product is all natural my energy level doesn’t spike or fluctuate throughout the day. I feel clear and energized the entire day and I’m able to function at a high level without any of the side effects.

What’s more is that it is just so easy to do. No matter how busy you are everyone has enough time to prepare this. My body now craves the Energreens which has caused me to cut out the sugary drinks I would sometimes consume during the day. Since then I have also noticed that I’ve been making other healthy choices with my food. All it took was for me to make the decision to start and I’m glad I did. As it says right on the bottle Alkalize and Energize!

Aaron T., Chicago IL


A true relief for people that suffer with migraines and headaches. Just the other day I was driving home from work and started getting the classic migraine symptoms, aura, loss of speech, neck stiffness. When I got home, instead of taking Excedrin and Aleve like I normally would, I drank two glasses of Energreens. I felt immediate relief and the migraine never came. I am so thankful to have this and I’ll never be without it now. Not only does it help keep me healthy, it has also helped with upset stomach, headaches and fatigue. Before I take a pill for anything, I now take Energreens because it works.

Terry A., Tulsa OK


“Sure wish I had known sooner about the importance of having an alkaline body vs acidic body! But I know now and when you know better, you do better!  Nancy Schwartz dropped off samples to me and after only finishing the 5 day sample of Energreens, I had a doctor’s appoint.  When my doctor saw my test results she asked me what I was doing that was different.  I am finally down to one blood pressure medication and will be coming off the other one in a month!  I have tried everything for years and was never able to get off my meds like this.  I was told I would be on these meds for the rest of my life.  NOPE!!!  Not this woman!  I love this product and I swear by it!  Alkalize yourselves.  It is a blessing like no other!”

LaTasha L., Chicago IL


“I have suffered from migraines my entire life, getting about 6-8 migraines per month.  I can’t remember any time in my life when an entire month went by without having a migraine.  After using Energreens now, as directed, for the past 90 days, I’ve had far less headaches and they are way less intense.  It has now been over one month since I’ve had a full blown migraine!  Energreens is a life-changing product and I know that I will be a lifetime customer!

John Anderson, Madison WI


“I have a lot more energy every day, rarely gets headaches anymore, I have quit smoking cigarettes as a result of taking the Energreens daily.  I wasn’t even trying to quit, but the more I was taking the Energreens, the less I was craving my cigarettes and then eventually I realized I wasn’t even smoking anymore and not even craving the nicotine.  I have totally stopped smoking, haven’t had a cigarette in almost two months, and I was a 6-7 cigarettes a day smoker!  My digestive system is working properly now, as I have suffered from constipation quite often in my past, as a result of bad eating habits, and since being on the Energreens, I have not been constipated at all.  I also used to suffer from acid reflux and I have not had any issues with acid reflux since being on the Energreens!”

Brandon A., Chicago IL


Johnnie, I just wanted to say “Thank You” in a big way for the products I received today.  You will never know what it means to me, for you to do what you did. I am sending you a record of my weight since I started using your product EnerGreens and I’ve just gotta tell you “I LOVE IT”.  It really does work!!! In February of this year (2016) I went to see one of my Doctors and I stepped on the scale and “BAM 225 lbs!  And I couldn’t believe it!  They wanted to see me back in 6 months.  So Aug 30th I went back and they weighed me and I weighed 219 lbs. On September 19th I went back to see my other Dr. Just 2 weeks later and I got on the scale at 216 lbs.  Then on Sept 27th at the Women’s Center I was getting a test done and the technician weighed me at 214 lbs. Of course I’m really happy because the scales have finally started going in the right direction down, down, down.  I owe it all to you & your company’s product EnerGreen. It really works for me.  For all the non-believers out there, this is not a paid letter, the product really works and I wanted to share my success! Thank You!

Miss G. S., Delaware.


“I am in love with the Energreens!  I had terrible digestive issues and I have seen a tremendous improvement!  I had no idea the impact that acid has on everything in the body.  Thanks to EnerSource and the Energreens, I’m on a much healthier track and I love sharing Energreens with everyone that I can!”

Kailyn B., Chicago IL


I just wanted to let you know what a HUGE difference Energreens has made for me. Much like everyone these days my life is very busy. I have three kids 5 and under, my wife works pretty much full time and my job is rather demanding. I get migraine head aches on a regular basis, which I have suffered from for years. Additionally I found that I was constantly tired. It was very frustrating as I felt that both of these challenges were out of my control. Since taking the Energreens I have only taken Excedrin (for the headaches) literally three or four times in the past few months, which is amazing! The headaches have pretty much gone away completely. I could not be more grateful. My energy level has not been this high since probably college. I am feeling great, getting more done and spending more quality time with my wife and three little buddies! Thanks for introducing me to the Energreens, the ENERGFx O2 and the Energreens SuperNutrient Vitamin and Mineral. Everyone should try this for at least 30 days! It made a believer out of me and I’m convinced it will do the same for anyone that tries it.

Adam T., Chicago IL

From the very first day I used EnerGreens, the 02 drops and the multi-vitamin mineral I felt a huge shift in my energy.  I have a high stress job and this product makes a huge difference in my day.  I’m not “burnt out” at the end of the day like I used to be.  I’ve even lost a few pounds!

Kelley S., Madison WI


In October 2014, I suffered an accident that caused a head concussion that resulted in low energy and headaches like my brain was on fire and also caused depression and low memory recall. As a very busy and high functioning individual, I wear many hats, one of which is a Health Chef, so I realize rest and nutrition are vital! Along with my weekly vegetable juicing routine is 4-5 days of fresh wheatgrass juice. I grow my own grass but that can be labor intensive. While I saw gradual results I still suffered from insufficient sleep, and each day I felt like a zombie for the last 21 months. I researched many wheatgrass and vegetable juice powders, but was not impressed with what I found so I prayed specifically to find a high quality wheat grass or greens powder that would help me sleep and have more energy during my travel schedule. While in Tulsa, OK recently I dropped in to see Dr.Robbins & Carol Voigtlander who is a nurse. Carol introduced me to the EnerGreens product and gave me a sample. and the CEO of EnerSource, Linden Wood, explained the business plan. I was skeptical but kept an open mind and Wow, By the 2nd day on the EnerGreens Powder, I slept 6 hrs. and by the 4th night, I slept 8 hrs. without bathroom interruptions. (I get very focused when I want to test something! I trusted Dr. Robbins and Carol, but when it comes to my health, I listen to my body). Last week, I went to a series of computer classes, I was elated to be able to track with the instructor very well. Oh, I am alive again! Now I am convinced that the EnerGreens product will continue to replenish my health. My husband who is an M.D. tried it and in the first 2 days and he noticed a difference in his energy with his hectic schedule. Thank you, Carol, Dr. Robbins, Linden & Drew for introducing me to the EnerGreen Superfood Formula and I am equally glad to be learning more about the business!

Sincerely, Merry from Atlanta, GA


I was involved in the Pharmaceutical Industry, so I had insight into the differences between Pharmacy practice and Natural health products. I have always felt that people need drugs whenever they have a cold or even to combat fatigue and believe me I have personally lived that way. When I had a sore throat, slight cough, or small headaches I would quickly go to the medicine cabinet and take a drug for relief. Now, I have been taking EnerGreens™ for the last 90 days and I am totally amazed by the results. I have much more energy, feel so much better and I even sleep better. Ever since I started taking EnerGreens™ I no longer get headaches and I have started losing weight. I also have increased my work production and have higher self-esteem. Poor habits such as not sleeping right, not eating correctly, or not exercising properly were creating a lot of acid in our systems and by drinking EnerGreens™ it helped detoxify and alkalize our systems. By doing this we get the type of jolt and energy we need for our mind and body. Finally, the most exciting think about drinking EnerGreens™ is that we still have energy at the end of the day. Shelly’s and my schedule is so hectic that by the time we come home from meetings every night we would be to exhausted and unable to talk like a married couple should. Now with EnerGreensTM my wife and I get to communicate with each other at the end of the day because we have energy and feel great. Thanks EnerGreens!



I’ve struggled with heart burn/acid reflux for years. Not a day went by that I didn’t have it. The only thing that would work for me was to drink baking soda in water. The problem with that was doing so for so many years I have run the risk of developing ulcers. I tried the energreens for a month and in just the first week my heartburn was gone! I’ll never go a day without my energreens now!

Justin, Tulsa OK


As a lifelong hater of ALL fruits and vegetables, EnerGreens has been an absolute lifesaver. Literally. I’ve always been a very picky eater, both taste and consistency of foods tend to bother me. I have tried a myriad of other green drinks, smoothies, juices, powders, pills, etc., etc., etc. and never found one I could stomach for any length of time. With EnerGreens I have found a delicious source of the vitamins and minerals I am sorely lacking in my everyday diet, and it actually tastes GREAT really works too! These days I don’t drink water without adding a scoop or two of EnerGreens to the mix! The best thing about this stuff, besides the taste and the lack of any garbage ingredients like sugar or fillers, is that I have actually started to develop a taste for vegetables! I’m starting to find other ways to sneak healthy stuff into my diet, and I can really feel a difference. I’m alert, my energy is way up, my skin is better, I just feel healthier!

Drew K., Tulsa OK


I am crazy about Energreens!! I was put on Prilosec by my Dr, but after not even a full 30 days on Energreens I’m not taking ANY heartburn meds!! Not only that, I noticed a major difference in my energy levels on the 5th day of taking them. So basically, they are my new favorite thing!!

Micah T., Tulsa OK


I used to suffer from sluggishness, fatigue and heartburn on a regular basis. However, one day I discovered that the problem was my diet was WAY too acidic. Unfortunately for me, the majority of high-alkaline foods are veggies and salad–and I HATE salad. Then I found Energreens, which is made of super alkaline-rich greens that I can shake up in a bottle of water and drink throughout the day. Since I started taking Energreens, I’ve had more energy, mental focus, and it also has helped eliminate heart burn (along with the O2 drops, which I also take). I love being able to add healthy greens into my diet without having to actually change what I eat, and I would recommend this product to everyone!

John, Tulsa OK


For many years I relied on energy drinks and coffee in the mornings to keep my energy level up high enough to perform my rigorous work duties every day. I was well aware that these beverages were detrimental to my health but they also served the important purpose of enabling me to perform duties without feeling sluggish or overly tired. Since I’ve started using the Energy FX product from EnerSource, I’ve noticed that not only am I no longer feeling sluggish or overly tired, but I also don’t suffer from the inevitable sugar crash that comes from drinking large quantities of these beverages. I’ve been using EnerGFX every single morning for the past two months and not only have I noticed an increase in my overall energy levels, but I’ve also completely lost the desire or need for coffee or other energy drink products. Pairing the EnerGFX product with the similarly amazing EnerGreens product has been nothing short of amazing for me. I get the benefits of the alkalizing that reduces the stomach acid that I’ve had problems with in the past while simultaneously providing an even and healthy amount of energy that lasts throughout the day. Make no mistake these products are the real deal and provide an incredible value vs. others on the market. Having tried a large number of other energy drinks out there, I can say with certainty that EnerGFX is truly a fantastic product.

Josh H., Tulsa OK