EnerG Fx Testimonials

Everyone is looking for that burst of energy to get a fast start in the morning and throughout the day. Unfortunately most people choose a frappuccino, expresso, or our favorite energy drink. These drinks are loaded with caffeine, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. They have very harmful side effects such as palpitations, headaches, and respiratory distress to name a few. I was that person who was hooked on the energy drinks. I would use all the brands mutliple times a day, it didn’t matter to me. I would get that jolt of energy initially, but would pay the price later when the jitters and crash would come. It was a vicious cycle that I was addicted to, until I found EnerGFX Energy Booster!!

The EnerGFX Energy Booster is not only a more healthy option, but it gives me that boost of energy that I’m looking for, with none of the side effects. I just want to say that EnerSource makes a far more superior product than the other energy drinks on the market and has become my go to drink when I need a kickstart!! EnerGFX is simply the best energy drink I have ever tried, and believe me, I’ve tried them all.


Tracy W
Memphis, TN


Energy FX works great! I’ve tried many different energy drinks over the years and they were too sugary and made me jittery too! Energy FX doesn’t make me feel thirsty but gives me a big boost in the morning and it also helps me think clearly. I’ve only been using it for about a month but it has made all the difference for me in the mornings and it’s keeping me away from the coffee and sugar drinks too! I highly recommend it. Thank you!

Stewart W., Tulsa OK


For many years I relied on energy drinks and coffee in the mornings to keep my energy level up high enough to perform my rigorous work duties every day. I was well aware that these beverages were detrimental to my health but they also served the important purpose of enabling me to perform duties without feeling sluggish or overly tired. Since I’ve started using the Energy FX product from EnerSource, I’ve noticed that not only am I no longer feeling sluggish or overly tired, but I also don’t suffer from the inevitable sugar crash that comes from drinking large quantities of these beverages. I’ve been using EnerGFX every single morning for the past two months and not only have I noticed an increase in my overall energy levels, but I’ve also completely lost the desire or need for coffee or other energy drink products. Pairing the EnerGFX product with the similarly amazing EnerGreens product has been nothing short of amazing for me. I get the benefits of the alkalizing that reduces the stomach acid that I’ve had problems with in the past while simultaneously providing an even and healthy amount of energy that lasts throughout the day. Make no mistake these products are the real deal and provide an incredible value vs. others on the market. Having tried a large number of other energy drinks out there, I can say with certainty that EnerGFX is truly a fantastic product.

Josh H., Tulsa OK