Business Testimonial

I quit my job at a billion dollar publicly trade consulting firm after working this business for a year because the compensation plan actually pays out up front commissions AND builds residual income over time.. That’s proof that this thing works! EnerSource has changed the way I perceive money, the future, and myself. My mind has been opened to the idea that I CAN actually become wealthy and successful, and I don’t even have to sell my soul to some heartless corporation to do it. Linden Wood, the founder and CEO of EnerSource has personally worked with me for hours on end to develop the skills and abilities I need to become successful in this business. He has shown me that a traditional 9-5 isn’t the only way to make a life for yourself or to use your skills. After putting myself through 6 years of university (BA and MA) I have accrued a mountain of debt and a very valuable set of skills. I now have the opportunity to use those skills in a fun and meaningful way while actually being compensated substantially enough to pay off my school loans before I retire! This business has allowed me to help my mom dig her way out of debt after a messy divorce and set my little brother up for success at any school he wants to go to, without either of them having to worry about how they’ll pay for it. I no longer have to wonder if my 2%-3% yearly raise will be enough to keep up with inflation, rising housing costs, and the ever increasing costs of supporting a family. As a Senior Team Coordinator I make up to $250 every time someone comes in my EnerSource business who sells $100 worth of product and that’s not including the monthly residual income I make. I have replaced a substantial salary in less time than it took me to find my corporate job. I have the chance to use my education, drive, and skills to make as much money as I want, all I have to do is take the training provided to me and apply the system I’ve been placed in. I’m going to be successful, who else wants to come with me?

Drew K., Tulsa OK

Senior Team Coordinator

National Director